Sunday, 11 February 2018

Frosty Fridays

This past weekend was so good for my soul. Our family got away to The Colonnade in Boston’s Back Bay. It’s only about forty minutes from our home but it’s about as different as can be. I’ve traveled all over the United States and some of Europe and Boston still remains my favorite city. It’s unique in it’s history and walkability to so many different areas of the city.

This is as good as it gets… I’m wearing my absolute favorite PJs, which I put on the second were were done walking around for the day! They are a little expensive but I assure you, they were worth every single penny… they are super comfortable.

We got an adjoining suite and double room and I can’t even begin to tell you how great that was for our family. Four kids seven and under are a tricky package to travel with… especially when two of them are one year old twins. There is definitely no easier place to be than home but AJ and I remarked on multiple occasions that a suite is the way to do it when traveling with kids. I’m always concerned about our noise and if we are being too loud for the neighboring rooms but having a suite gave us a great buffer. Also thanks to a suite a full sized table in our room allowed us to nix fighting the dinner crowd and we brought dinner into our room (you know how it is with babies having melt downs and wanting bed!).  We did the same for breakfast the second morning (we walked to Panera the first). Without a doubt I’d shell out extra money for a suite again and save on going out to eat for every meal.

This was the view from our hotel room… hence getting food in. 🙂

Right across the street from our hotel was the Prudential Center which has incredible shops (normal and incredibly high end), facing The Colonnade is Barnes & Noble so it was the perfect spot for me to escape to with the older kids while the babies napped. I told them we would get them something but it had to be either a longer book or a Lego set so it could be something that could occupy them in the hotel during down time in between exploring.

Drew loves Magic Treehouse books (they are great for kids K-3) and Elle chose a Lego Friends set which she could play for hours with. My Kate Spade bag is from Thred Up, one of my newest obsessions (it’s second hand and in PERFECT condition!).

Walking around one of my favorite areas of the city…

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip. Elle had just fallen in a giant mud puddle in the middle of the Public Gardens, right by this Make Way for Ducklings statue, and was freaking out.

The first night we were there they Bell Hop brought a cart up to our room with a charcuterie board and the most amazing spread of fruit and sweets. I almost started crying when I saw that… we had a really hard January (a significant fire in a rental, AJ’s grandmother dying, Gray in the ER, Elle with pneumonia and having to spend thousands and thousands to redo a good piece of our septic system after it backed up over our basement) and so being away from home and having this hotel staff, that had never met us, pamper us felt amazing.

This morning Vera was so loud in the hotel so I took her and Gray out for a walk so they wouldn’t wake all the neighboring rooms. The twins weren’t fazed with this morning’s rain (they were mostly covered) and we walked all around the Back Bay while few people were out. It was therapy to be in a new place during these cold and dreary winter months and be able to just leave the hotel and see all these great sights within minutes. (For all of you home decor lovers: RH’s largest store is a 1/4 mile from the hotel and H&M Home is about a half a mile!)

We were at the hotel for the Frosty Fridays package. You pay the temperature at 5pm on Friday night for your Friday rate (which would have made it $33 for the Friday rate) and $289 for Saturday. The Colonnade has a great hot chocolate bar (which was actually more like the drinking chocolate we had all over Paris) and with the rate you can either take a Old Town Trolley Tour over the city (it was a great way to see the city!) or get tickets to skate on Frog Pond in Boston Common (we were rained out for the Frog Pond skating today but are going to come back and do it again!).

Without a doubt we’d do it again… and maybe have the babies stay with my parents so we could do even more around the city with the kids. If you aren’t from Boston I can’t recommend The Colonnade and location enough, especially for February vacation!

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